scenic picture of a tree stump with sun on the horizon

Stump Removal

Stump grinding is a process that uses a high-speed disk with specially designed teeth that will grind through the stump and underground roots, turning them into small chips. Once a stump is removed, you could mow over it without harm and replant. We have three different options for stump grinding:

tree stump diagram


Check out these FAQs for more information on tree stump removal and our process.
How is stump grinding priced?
Stump Grinding removal is priced by the overall size of the stump, the type of tree that it was, how old and rotten the stump is, if the stump has any feeder roots that are large and need to be removed as well, if it is accessible by a large hydraulic machine or if a smaller machine has to be used that would take longer, and how many stumps need be removed (typically the more stumps to be removed, the more of a discount you would receive per stump).
Do I Need to Be at Home?
This would be left up to your personal discretion. Most of the time it is not necessary for you to be home, as Nelson Tree Service most likely would have already been there to give you an estimate on the job and knows exactly what to do. Again, it is all up to your personal discretion and the advice of our company.
Will there be a hole in my yard?
After our stump removal professional takes a stump out, there will be a hole. Depending on the size of the stump, the hole could be relatively small or extremely large. Nelson’s Tree Service stump grinding professional can fill the hole in upon your request with the stump chippings that remain from the removal job. Another option is also to fill the hole in with topsoil and plant grass.
What happens to the chippings that are left?
Our stump removal crew can remove the stump grinding chips from the property, move them to another location on your property, or use them to fill the hole where the stump was removed. Discuss these options with our stump removal professionals to find the right choice for you.
Will my stump grow back?
The tree itself will not grow back. There may be a few shoots that grow from the stump remains, but a little herbicide will kill off any remaining shoots that might grow. The best option is to put herbicide on the stump below ground level after being removed and before covering the stump up to insure that it does not sprout.